About Me

My name is Bob Schless, and since I picked Smarty Jones to win The Kentucky Derby in 2004, I have been smitten by the horse racing bug. I love everything about horse racing-the handicapping, the fans, the writers, the tracks, the history-but most of all the horses. I loved watching them run and became interested in what made them perform a certain way-their pedigree. I truly enjoy learning and writing about horse bloodlines, and hope to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about this topic with you on this blog. I’ve lived in Chicago with my wife, Victoria, the love of my life, and our beloved pets over the past 18 years. I hope you enjoy this blog, and please subscribe and leave feedback by clicking the Contact Me tab. I will write back. I’ll usually post an article every week , so check back at regalpedigrees,com to find out about the three year olds emerging on the Kentucky Derby trail. You can also connect to me via email at bschless@regalpedigrees.com. Thank you for reading!